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Get Over Yourself

True story...I once was hired to take over a team and triple its size, hire more managers and team members. The catch here was that one of the manager positions was already 'in the works' before I came on board, and to make matters worse, it was a person I was familiar with and not a huge fan of (for reasons not of my own). I allowed her to assume the manager role but only after a very tough conversation with her about my expectations. The first year was rough. I found that our working styles were not congruent, the manner in which we communicated was not to my liking, and all in all, I felt she had a chip on her shoulder. It turned out it was me who had a chip on my shoulder. It was a difficult realization when I finally understood the team she had hired LOVED her and they would do anything for her. When I allowed myself to recognize that meeting our customers needs and creating sustainability within our team was my ultimate objective, I had to then also understand she was doing a GREAT job! I let my pride go, allowed myself to see her in the light of doing exactly what I needed her to do, and it changed everything! She WAS the person I needed her to be, and after I acknowledged that and treated her with that level of respect and admiration she deserved, it only got better!

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