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Getting to the Next Chapter

Replaying and reliving the same experiences is like re-reading the same chapter of a book. While reading something multiple times may reveal new details, at some point, we must trust in what we know and turn the page to see what happens next.

If you're like me, I will occasionally try to read without my glasses. I am constantly straining to clearly see and fully comprehend what's in front of me. I spend more time moving the book to suit my skewed vision, that I end up re-reading the same information multiple times. Only when I put on my glasses am I able to see the words on the page with clarity and understanding. Occasionally, I benefit from listening to a book. I find it allows me to experience the story from a different perspective. I hear inflections and emotion in the narrator's voice, and it creates a greater depth to the story. Listening has the power to change the whole dynamic and meaning of a chapter.

The words you read and the pages you flip in your book have meaning, but only if you take the time to arm yourself with the tools to clearly understand and hear an authentic perspective of them. Once you understand the chapters meaning you are ready to turn the page and effectively experience a new chapter.

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