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Leadership is a Privilege

The role of the leader, whether as an individual or as an organization, is entrusted to provide the greatest level of good for their followers.

Being of good steward means removing barriers that prevent our team members success and mitigating future obstacles. It is accepting responsibility for the actions not only of yourself, but also, that of your team. Stewardship, or lack thereof, does not happen in a vacuum, but rather through the context of an entire organization (CULTURE). A leader not actively working to remove barriers, or accepting responsibility for them, is not acting with a stewardship mindset. Our team members see this as a lack of empathy and respect, and will give back in same measure.

Humility is recognizing how you contribute to the failures of your team or circumstances within it. It is considered foundational to developing trust. Leaders who lack humility demonstrate it by pointing fingers and placing blame on a teams failure on anyone but themselves. Team members feel betrayed and while exceptional instances may be forgiven, a continual behavior of such will incite frustration, defensiveness, and retaliation by our followers.

The lack of good stewardship and humility is a direct reflection of a culture that has been allowed to exist. Cultivating stewardship and humility will influence trust and transition a team from being "me-driven" to "team-drive". Leadership is a privilege that has lasting impact on those we lead, positive or negative.

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