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Virtues of Moral Character

A persons character is defined according to doing what's right in the absence of rules; according to Thomas Paine, character is much easier kept than it is recovered.

A virtue is a deeply rooted habit that leads to positive moral action. The opposite, a vice, is a deeply rooted habit that leads to a negative moral action.

The four cardinal virtues of moral character include:

  1. Prudence: A "do what's right all the time" mentality, follows a mindset of creating effective means to achieve morally positive ends and demonstrating good use of resources.

  2. Justice: Maintaining fairness, equality, and balance in the treatment of others.

  3. Temperance: The harmony of balancing actions, thoughts, and feelings; being in control and of good measure.

  4. Fortitude: Having strength of mind to act with courage during adversity or at the risk of injury or loss.

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