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Self-Awareness: Unlocking Your Potential

Navigating the complexities of life greater skill and resilience.

  • 45 minutes
  • 125 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Completed as an individual session scheduled at your convenience, or packaged as a group of sessions designed to guide you through an enriching process of self-discovery and transformation. "Unlocking Your Potential" is a customized program targeting areas of self-awareness to hone a diverse set of skills essential for personal and professional success. Participants will select from the following opportunities: 1. Introduction to Self-Awareness: Understand the impact of self-awareness and its foundation for personal growth and development. 2. Communication Management: Learn effective communication techniques, active listening, and how to convey your ideas with clarity and empathy. 3. Leadership Skills: Discover your unique leadership style, explore leadership principles, and uncover strategies to inspire and motivate those around you. 4. Resilience: Understand your reactions to adversity, and acquire tools to bounce back stronger from life's challenges. 5. Authenticity: Explore the power of authenticity, align your actions with your values, and build genuine, meaningful connections with others. 6. Personal Growth: Establish personal goals and a path for growth. 7. Conflict Resolution: Recognize your role in disputes and implementing constructive resolution techniques. 8. Discovering Strengths and Weaknesses: Identify your strengths and areas for improvement and how they contribute to your personal leadership style. 9. Emotional Intelligence: Recognize and manage your own emotions while fostering empathy for others. 10. Self-Regulation: Identifying your triggers, responses, and how it impacts those around you. 11. Define your Values: Identify your underlying core values that drive your behaviors and motivations. Understand how your values create your perceptions. 12. Personality: Discover how your personality traits impact your behaviors, perspectives, relationships, communication styles, and tolerances. Reflect on how your personality contribute to challenges and successes. 13. Personal Brand: Create your personal brand including who you are, what you stand for, your unique qualities, your history, and your focus.

Contact Details

  • Kansas City, MO, USA


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