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Simply Put Leadership

Dr. Marcy Adams RN, MBA

Professional Life Consultant

In a leadership role, whether it is a mother, a spouse, a peer or colleague, a manager, or a friend, you have no influence on someone if they do not receive what you are trying to communicate to them.  Understanding the unique differences, strengths, and personalities of those around you are critical factors to effective communication. Simply Put Leadership bridges the gap between leading someone and their insatiable need to be valued for who they are and what they bring to the relationship, regardless of the type of relationship. 

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Life Coach

A guided journey of self-learning, self-discovery, and self-exploration.

As a certified life coach, my passion is to guide my clients through a journey of self-learning, discovery, and exploration to tap into their maximum potential. When we dig beneath the surface and understand our thoughts and beliefs, we can overcome obstacles that limit our success in life, business, relationships, and well-being. Let me help you unlock your potential, reveal your inner motivation, and keep you accountable to your commitment for a better life.

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Confident Businesswoman

Confidence Coach

Confidence is the #1 predictor of success

Defined as the certainty one feels in their ability to accomplish a task, confidence is developed according to what a person thinks about themself in the face of challenges and uncertainties and is starkly different from competence. Let me help you lean into a new level of confidence as we identify your limiting beliefs, establish core values, create realistic goals, and define your unique strengths.  Through your confidence, you will discover a new level of courage and inherent worth.

True Colors Team Building

"When someone shows you their true colors, believe them the first time." ~ Oprah Winfrey

A person's personality is built upon unique experiences, skill sets, and values. Through these, a person develops their unique personality throughout their formative years and it becomes the foundation by which they present themselves in all personal and professional engagements. Understanding the unique values and skills each of your team members bring to the group is critical to creating an environment that will positively influence job satisfaction and mitigate turnover intentions.

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Team Talk

Tolerating Differences

Working Together

Individualized Leadership

Working Together
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Working Together

Client Testimonials

Don’t Take My Word for It

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"I will forever be changed by your leadership and ability to cultivate the unique differences and strengths of our team."

Mallory Bidese RN, BSN

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