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As a seasoned and devoted registered nurse, my unwavering commitment lies in delivering exceptional patient care. Early in my career, I realized that to truly enhance the patient experience, I needed to prioritize the satisfaction, engagement, and motivation of our team members. This understanding compelled me to focus on leadership that centered on service deployment.

Over the span of more than three decades, I have had the privilege of leading countless nurses, nurturing the growth of numerous emerging leaders, and serving as a coach and mentor to individuals embarking on new roles and pursuing higher levels of personal development. My journey has been marked by a deep dedication to the well-being of both patients and the talented individuals who form the backbone of our healthcare teams.

All About Me

My nursing journey commenced immediately after high school, as I enrolled in a local nursing program. In 1993, I embarked on my first role as an in-patient dialysis nurse. Approximately one and a half years into my career, an intriguing opportunity presented itself. A hospital administrator from a nearby medical facility approached me, inquiring about my interest in spearheading the establishment of a renal unit within their hospital, generously funded and supported by their foundation board.

As a relatively young nurse, the trust and responsibility placed in me to develop a specialized unit that would impact an entire community became the most significant professional experience of my life. Over the course of three years, I actively contributed to the construction, operationalization, and oversight of this unit. Subsequently, I relocated to Kansas City, where I assumed the management of the region's largest renal facility at the time. During my decade-long tenure in this role, I had the privilege of overseeing numerous programs and project initiatives, all with a primary objective: enhancing patient care opportunities.

It was during these formative years that I cultivated, harnessed, and intensified my passion for effective leadership. Notably, this period marked the introduction of an immensely influential individual into my life, who happened to be one of my employees. Through her mentorship, I absorbed invaluable lessons about leadership that surpassed any prior experiences.

Following my clinical practice phase, I transitioned to the pharmaceutical industry, where I came to understand the distinction between management and leadership. This transition underscored the contrast between overseeing processes for compliance and fostering environments of trust and responsibility, leading others through inspiration and influence.

In my journey, I have remained dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and the well-being of both patients and healthcare colleagues. What sets me apart is not solely my clinical expertise but also my capacity to inspire, influence, and empower team members to establish trust-filled environments, encourage individualized leadership, advocate for sustainability, and consistently elevate performance standards. With a career steeped in values of compassion and professionalism, I've not only refined my nursing skills but also emerged as a thought leader in the healthcare field, determined to inspire and guide aspiring nurses and healthcare professionals on their own transformative journeys.





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