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Guiding Principle #2: Everything Is 'Figure-out-able'

As a woman, mother, leader, and professional, I've experienced WAY too many things to not realize that good came come from any situation. It is through these experiences that , after 30 years, gives me the confidence to stand firm on my 2nd Guiding Principle of Leadership and life, the principle of "Everything is figure-out-able". Welcome back to my Guiding Principles of Leadership series, where today, we delve into is principle which resonates with power and optimism and is more than just a guiding light in my professional journey, rather, it's a personal mantra.

My 2nd principle has permeated into the fabric of who I am and all I stand for, so much so my children have created hand towels, coffee mugs, and wall art to commemorate 'moms advice'. Where the status quo is continually challenged, or where culture is embedded with obstacles or puzzles, and where everyone, at one point or another, may feel defeated as a result, "Everything is figure-out-able" provides an err of optimism that solutions CAN and WILL be found. Whether you're leading a small team, a large organization, or leading from a place with no authority, this principle pushes us to look at all angles of a problem, to challenge our perspective, foster innovation, and approach it with a resilient, adaptive, growth, and gritty mindset.

Marie Forleo, in her 2019 book "Everything is Figure-out-able", brought this phrase into the limelight, encouraging individuals to tackle life's challenges with a proactive, solution-oriented approach. As a leader, laying an "Everything is figure-out-able" foundation sends a powerful message of adaptability and resiliency to a team. It signals to them a leaders trust their abilities, belief in their potential, and that the leader is open to learning alongside them, whether they encounter success or temporary setbacks. As a result, team members feel empowered to tackle new challenges, they feel supported, heard, and tolerated to be different from their leader and/or those around them. This leads to breaking down of mental barriers, influencing greater psychological safety, and removing actual or perceived limits on potential. When a leader creates this culture, it is met with greater engagement, creativity, decision-making capacity, and resilience to overcoming challenges, even those challenges a team may lack direct control over.

"Everything is Figure-out-able" transcends being a mere phrase; it's a mindset that can revolutionize team dynamics and achievements. By embracing and nurturing this philosophy, leaders can pave the way for enhanced productivity, creativity, and success. In a world that constantly evolves, this mindset equips teams with the resilience and adaptability essential for not only thriving, but of sustaining and growth. Harnessing the power of possibilities and making challenges "figure-out-able" has the power to turn the most complex situation into our greatest achievement.

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