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An Exception to the Rule

Not to be mis-understood, rules in many ways are a must and are in place for our protection or for the protection of those we serve. However, a 'hard handed' approach to changing behaviors through rules is never effective, and in fact, irresponsible for leadership. Leaders must recognize when rules are no longer meaningful to that of an organization or an individual. Failure to do so diminishes our adaptability quotient and ultimately may have negative effect on an organizations sustainability.

When the rules require enforcement, the approach must prioritize the integrity of the person and the relationship. Being judicious does not equate to being aggressive, and often, managers have a hard time differentiating between the two. When we practice context over content, we are better equipped to separate the behavior from the person, thus salvaging trust and confidence. A leader who conveys grace will cultivate an environment of forgiveness and tolerance which will influence their team to find meaningful purpose to be successful.

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