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Behind the Scenes

One of my funniest 'manager' memories was how the husband of one of my team members thought I was the janitor of our unit. I dont rightfully know what led him to that conclusion, but I would imagine it was because we all took responsibility for ALL duties within the walls of our facility. I'm not sure if he ever knew of my position being any different, and it kind of makes me smile thinking he never did!

The mindset of a servant leader effectively balances the concept of being important enough to be last and great enough to be anonymous. Relative to the day in and day out duties of the job, the primary role of the leader is to remove obstacles and barriers that inhibit the success of the team members, regardless of how meaningful or meaningless they may appear. Many leaders fear becoming invisible, and thereby seek opportunity to ensure they are visible. They often position themselves in the spotlight as a means of creating occasions that warrant personal recognition. The consequence of such is lack of trust, low morale, and poor engagement.

An effective leader will create a team that makes the leader hard to distinguish!

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