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Don't Let Someone Else Determine Your Worth

I recently heard this analogy; it had so much personal meaning to me, I had to share...

A bottle of water at Costco is $0.25.

The same bottle in the supermarket costs about $0.50.

This bottle in a bar may cost you approximately $2.00.

In a restaurant or hotel, the same bottle of water could cost up to $3.00.

Whereas in an airport or on a plane, you may be charged as much as $5.00.

The bottle and the brand are the same; the only thing that is different is where it exists. Each places a different value for the same product.

When the place you are in does not see to value of your worth, it is time to change places. It is not that you are a different product from place to place; the reality is that some places simply place greater value on other things or do not understand how to use the product to capture its most significant value.

If you feel like you are worth nothing, or you feel belittled, have the courage to go to a different place that will provide you the value you deserve. Surround yourself with people who genuinely appreciate your worth.

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