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Finding Purpose in Your Pain

“It is not our experiences that make us or break us. It’s our interpretation of and explanation for those experiences that ultimately determines who we become. Your explanations are more important than your experiences”. ~ Mark Batterson

Hiding what happens to you defeats the purpose of the experience...while certain circumstances may dictate how vocal you can be, there will come a day when your experiences can become your story. When that happens, your story is yours to interpret, yours to reflect upon, yours to share, and yours to find purpose within. Our experiences have the power to strengthen not only ourselves, but also others through relatedness. It is within those shared experiences that we unite and strengthen in our own confidences to make a difference in a space where a difference needs to be made.

One cannot defeat what they cannot define. Feel every bump in the road, allow yourself to interpret it, reflect upon it, and do something with it to make a difference for someone else.

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