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Motivation Is Not Engagement

Creating an engaged team is accomplished through the culture, not a program. Paul Marcino's "Carrots and Sticks Don't Work" describes the RESPECT model for how to improve engagement among a team.

R: Recognition - individually and according to their preferred venue

E: Empowerment - NOT micromanagement

S: Supportive - provide feedback as a growth opportunity, not a punitive one

P: Partnership - be a partner, not a boss

E: Expectations - clearly communicated and in writing

C: Considerations - understanding the rooted personalities of each team member

T: Trust - can make a good leader great, or a mediocre leader fail

Motivation is contagious and is a consideration that drives engagement. A culture that does not promote individualism, tolerance, acceptance, and relationship will thwart connectedness, a fundamental factor to one's individual motivation. Engagement is manifested by an individual's motivation to be committed to a team's shared goals, values, and desire for the success of their organization or leader.



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