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Re-Breaking the Culture

The culture of an organization, and most importantly a team, is the greatest aggregate of behaviors that contributes to employee satisfaction. As our society continues to grow and define equity, tolerances, and acceptable work behaviors towards its employees, it must be understood that culture is led and created by every member of the team. Healthy cultures will retain employees and intellectual capital, while unhealthy cultures will lose high performing employees and social trust (a disastrous marketing strategy).

As with a fracture, limping along can move an organization but only with help and extended time. For strength to be gained and limits to be overcome, it may require dramatic measures to correct the 'limp'. The detrimental cultural influence may be hard to identify, especially to an organization accustomed to its practice. Where we see inflexibility, favor, lack of accommodation, or forceful conformatory behaviors may be the exact location for a re-break.

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