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Read the Directions

Water will not boil until it reaches 100 degrees celsius and will not freeze until it reaches 0 degrees celsius. A cake will only become a cake when we follow the directions and bake it at a certain temperature. A medium rare steak is only medium rare at a temperature of 130-135 degrees, temperatures above or below that qualifies it differently. Grass will die off in the winter, but comes back to life when the environment is right in the spring.

When you think about it, everything requires a certain environment to grow, develop, or be their best in. Why would leadership be any different? If you want people to perform at their greatest capacity, you have to give them the environment in which to do so. When there is a performance to expectation gap, the first question a leader should ask is "have I provided the right environment for them?" Read the directions of those you lead, they can only become the person they are intended to be when we follow their instructions for success.



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