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The Over-Managed Culture

Management = business; Leadership = people...Many organizations today give great resource to enhancing their culture. And while culture is a critical success factor for any organization, we must realize that a 'checking the box' atmosphere does not correlate to a healthy culture. The greatest asset we have as leaders is the ability for form relationships, genuine relationships, because lets face it, we can all identify "fake" when it is happening; "fake" is "checking the box". Being genuine means being comfortable enough in a conversation with someone that you are able to identify with them, what is going on with them personally, maybe even what is going on with their family. As a leader, if you do not know the people or activities that occupy the greatest amount of your team members life - because, yes, a full time job is only 23.8% of a weeks time....then you are not a leader to them, you are a manager and possibly are cultivating a toxic work environment.

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