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The Power of our Example

I do not get into political debates, especially on social media. I am an absolute firm believer that each one of us have values, beliefs, and experiences that frame our personality, how we perceive our environment, and what we allow to influence it either positively or negatively. I appreciate and respect either side of the political arena, this is not a political post.

BUT....this is an outstanding reminder of how we must lead people, and a direct reflection of the level of influence we have when doing so. Authoritative leadership is one of the most devastating styles, born out of leading with positional power. A manager or a leader who commands, demands, micro-manages, threatens, exercises intimidation tactics, or lacks accountability is a person who practices positional power. It is the ability to get something done not from a desire, but rather from an obligation or need to have a job. While it may provide short term benefits, this level of leadership is shallow and not sustainable.

Personal power is the power by which a person leads through example. The manner in which they interact, respond, tolerate, guide, demonstrate appreciation, and communicate causes those around them to count on them, seek them out, and follow their lead. The measure of a true leader is gaining followers...with out followers, there is no leader!

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