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The Scars of Growth

We often carry our "scars" with us, scars from physical as well as emotional hurts. While emotional scars may be invisible, they have the potential to be the most damaging because we allow them to brand us and affect how we see or measure our self-worth. These scars are often a result of another person's deliberate attack against us, or simply their lack of skill in dealing with us.

The scars we carry, as a result, are a stark reminder of how fragile we truly are. However, with the ability to control your emotions and recognize the adversarial behavior as manipulation and misalignment to your own personality, you gain the capacity to rise above it.

Having greater confidence in your personal strengths and capacities over that of someone who inflicts scars is the greatest reward. A foundation of greatness can only exist when you know how to catch the bricks someone is throwing, lay them down, and use them to STOMP ON as you move up.

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