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The Statement You Make

Were you ever told by your parents "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"? Sometimes leaders feel a responsibility to react or respond to whatever is going on around them. We often do this out of an egotistical need to feel like we have the answers, or that it is our position to tell others what to do, or how to do it. In the worst of cases, we respond according to our perception of the situation without really listening or knowing the whole story.

The manner in which you respond is a reflection of your character and will have long with-standing effects to those team members you lead. Without considerate thought or listening capacities, the wrong reaction or response can destroy trusts and relationships that have taken years to build. Think before you respond, identify the desired outcome before you react and loose the chance to create it. Your reaction has the power to determine the future of your relationship with the person, the team, and possibly with the organization.

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