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The Storm of a Lifetime

The storm will come in all shapes and sizes; some will feel like a mild sprinkling, while others will feel like a full blown cyclone. Generally, the storms in which we learn the most take us by surprise and remaining upright through the eye of it may be the greatest challenge you face. A storm has a way of making us feel weak, devalued, and like a failure; it will make you start to question everything you understand about yourself, and it will make you want to quit. You will be hardened, you will be angry, you will be sad, and you will feel ashamed. Giving yourself permission to feel and learn from these emotions will be crucial to navigating the storm effectively.

Withstanding the storm will require a strong sense of self-awareness, which can take years to identify and feel confident in. With a clear sense of personal values and personality characteristics you are able to rationalize the behaviors that contributed to the storm and learn from two key points:

1. How your own actions/behaviors contributed to the storm, and

2. The details of the storm that may be accurate verses that which may be presumptive, perceptive, or erroneous.

The storms are not about proving yourself to others, they are about proving yourself to yourself. In the end, you won't come through it looking the same as you did going in to it; but once it's is in the glory of what the sun will reveal.

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