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Through the "Eyes" of a Leader

Influence is the primary role of a leader, unfortunately, influence is as often seen as being a negative influence as it is being seen as a positive influence. There are four unethical (negative) influence styles:

  1. Manipulating: A leader who over-dramatizes a situation to gain greater consideration for their perspective. This can be demonstrated through skewing facts, destroying or altering evidence, exaggerating facts, or false advertising.

  2. Avoiding: A leader who evades performing expected tasks or assuming responsibility. This manager indicates will do something, however, does not follow through. This manager misplaces blame and responsibility on others.

  3. Threatening: A leader who will use position or level of authority to refuse or invoke negative consequence unless gets what wants. This leader often listens for hidden issues and leverages a persons fears or concerns to gain the upper hand.

  4. Intellectual bullying: A leader who dominates, takes control and discounts others points of view. This leader can be polite, however dominates meetings and conversations as a means of minimizing contribution from others.

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