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Walk a New Path

Consistently experiencing the same impact over and over again, being pounded every day by aggressive influences, or consistently being exposed to the negativity of poor leadership can cause you to feel lifeless, exposed, and even hardened. These forces over time will cause a person to withdraw and hide; and that, similar to worn down path, a person in this environment will lose the capacity to grow.

Your journey deserves to be full of life, of bloom, of color, and of growth. Each step you take should bring about the comfort of a soft foundation, an sensation of a new feeling beneath your feet, and a promise that the next step will be just as interesting to take. If the path you are on does not, it may be an indication that your path is so worn down, it no longer has the capacity to grow life, or to be life to another person.

Dont be afraid to walk a new path, the uncertainty has many possibilities. It can be full of new life, new experiences, and new opportunities. The terrain may be different, it may be rocky, or you may have to navigate through the weeds. However, it may also reveal a quicker path to your destination; without trying you may never know. Your journey should be filled with growth, the only way to achieve it is to walk on a path that provides it.

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