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You're Only as Successful as Your Manager Allows You to Be

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

All too often we place people in leadership positions as a result of their historical “successful” performance; subjective, of course, since "success" is only defined by the person evaluating it…this leads to the understanding that a person is only as successful as their manager allows them to be. When values and work habits are in alignment and pleasing to a manger, the manager, in turn, places value in the person displaying them. On the other hand, when a manager does not value the traits someone has, for instance being inquisitive, they are less likely to promote them for the strengths they do have, which may be innovative or creative. Often times, these employees are labeled in one way or another and therefore looked over for promotions. Until, that is, another manager comes along that values these characteristics, recognizes the strengths, and places them in positions for greater exposure, success, and ultimately promotion.

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